10 Must Have Chrome Extensions for Web Developers in 2020

Must Have Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

Must Have Chrome Extensions for Web Developers in 2020

Essential chrome extensions for web developers: Are you a web developer or just starting your journey as a web developer? A Journey of turning into a web developer is amazing, and this article will make it even more exciting. So make certain to stay connected till the end of the article to investigate how?

If you are a web developer or trying to become one then you are certainly going to use Google Chrome as your primary browser. With Chrome, you can extend the functionality of the browser by installing extensions through the web store.

These repositories include tools that web developers can use to increase their productivity. So, today in this article, I am going to list down 10 most essential chrome extensions for web developers to boost their productivity.


Ever thought about what fonts your favorite website is using? Don’t want the hassle of opening the developer console and then finding the particular font by inspecting the text. Then, WhatFont comes to rescue you. As the name says it all, it helps you to find the typographic properties your preferred website is using or to be strict, the type of font-family your favorite website is using.

I would like to share my experience of how WhatFont rescued my effort. As a freelancer, I get a lot of web development projects and sometimes clients ask me to use the same font-family their preferred site is using. I used to open the developer console and then find the font-family that website is using. It was an unproductive way to deal with such things. Finally, after a couple of google searches, I came to know about WhatFont which saved my ass off in many cases.

Link: WhatFont


If you are a front end developer and finding it difficult to visualize how things are organized in the page then pesticide is the must-have tools to keep under your belt. When I was finding difficulty in learning box model pesticide was a lifesaver for me.

It also help me understand how each element is outlined in the page and how the box model works for each element on the page, and how to better organize them. It helps a lot in designing pixel-perfect layout

Link: Pesticide for Chrome


I always wonder, how can I pick the exact color I liked in any random websites? It is where Colorzilla helped me a lot. With Colorzilla installed and running you can go to any website and click on the element with your favorite color and bingo, everything is copied in your clipboard. You can simply CTRL + V to paste it inside your code.

P.S: You can also use ColorZilla to pick color from any videos. Say you are watching any youtube videos on web development and like the color video creator is using. Then with ColorZilla you can easily pick the color from the video frame and use it in any of your project.

Link: ColorZilla

HTML Tree Generator

This is one of the most valuable extensions that will assist you with picturing DOM better. It converts any webpage into DOM in a properly formatted tree structure.

It also contains the information regarding parents and children relationship of a node.

Link: HTML Tree Generator

JSON Viewer Awesome

This extension prettify the ugly JSON response from the website or server. This eventually helps us to retrieve the information easily no matter how deeply nested your desired information is. It is a really a great tool for a web developers.

Link: JSON Viewer Awesome


Ever wondered which technology your favorite websites are based upon. This extension helps to uncover the technologies such as content management systems, customer relationship management, E-commerce platforms, advertising networks, marketing tools, and analytics used in a websites.

Link: Wappalyzer

Window Resizer

This extension is extremely helpful for responsive design. It allows you to quickly resize the viewport into the desired dimension. What’s awesome about it is you can add your custom dimension and pop which act as a completely independent environment to play with your responsive design.

Link: Window Resizer


I am certain you have gone across a situation where you visit some websites and like the design of elements and desire to clone it. It is where this extension comes to the rescue because it will uncover all the CSS properties and values of the element you like on any website.

With its help, you can easily implement the same design, style, and property into your projects using your web development knowledge.

Link: CSSViewer


This extension is helpful from the SEO point of view. It crawls your websites to detect any broken links, duplicate contents, invalid HTML, insecure forms, and many more. With the help of this, you can fix all the broken links, remove duplicate contents, validate your HTML and so on which makes your website SEO friendly.

So, before making your website live you can quickly run checkout to fix all the broken issues.

Link: Checkbot: SEO, Web Speed & Security Tester

One Click Extension Manager

At this point, you may think that it’s a whole lot of extension installed, and it’s common to think that way. One-Click Extension Manager can be your good friend because it helps to manage all of the extensions in a single click. You can enable the extension that currently used and disable the extension which is not currently used.

This will prevent the number of extension crowding to the right of the address bar of your browser.

Link: One Click Extensions Manager


If you are web developers then I strictly recommend you to use these extensions as tools because it will not only save your valuable time but also take your productivity to the next level. So, go ahead and play around with these tools and see which of these chrome extensions are most useful for you as a web developers.

Also, if you find any tools missing worth mentioning, feel free to discuss them in the comment section below. And if you find our articles worth reading please consider sharing it among your friends circle. 

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Thank you for such informative share
As a beginner VisBug is also a good resource.