Chandan Chaudhary

Hey! I am an Electrical Engineering Undergraduate at Kathmandu University, Nepal. I am also an executive board of Kathmandu Univerisity Robotics Club. I love robotics, technology, space, and energy.

Xenobots: The First Living Robots

Do you want a living robot in your blood? Is there anyone who doesn’t want to have bots in their blood? Having a living- programmable bot in your body can heal a lot of health issues. Meanwhile, Researchers have developed and presented ‘Xenobots: the First Living Robots’. Artificial Intelligence and biology have now together changed …

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Agrivoltaic System: The Next Change

Have you heard about the agrivoltaic system? By name, it means agriculture and voltage system. You may wonder using the solar panels in fields to run the water pumps in fields. But this is quite different. What is Agrivoltaic system? Agrivoltaic or Agriphotovoltaic system is the system of developing an area for both photovoltaic power …

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Corona virus control through Technology

COVID 19 or most commonly called the novel corona virus pandemic has brought health emergency around the globe. It has challenged the doctors, bio-techs, scientists, physicians, lab personal and others. As a global pandemic, it requires doctors’ effort. Similarly, Bio-techs, lab workers develop the vaccine. Is there no effort that engineers can put into?  If …

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