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front end developer roadmap

Front End Developer Roadmap 2020: We know 2020 has truly been harshed upon us however many people are willing to learn development this year. So, I came here with another article that will show you the roadmap to follow and start your journey as a front end developer in 2020.

This roadmap will also guide you start your freelance career to work as a front end developer making 2020 more productive.

A journey of turning into a front end developer is a lot more exciting. You start learning by HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and then move on to some popular frameworks in the market.

Start with HTML

HTML frequently abbreviated as HyperText Markup Language is the first thing you need to learn. There are immense amounts of resources on YouTube helping you with the concept of HTML. Browse through a site like Codecademy and get enrolled in a web advancement course and clear your fundamentals.

Figure out how the HTML is organized to make a simple websites. Learn about different tags like div, img, p, section, and so on. Understand more about attributes. Once, you are comfortable writing plain HTML put what you have learned into action by doing simple projects.

After you have done some plain HTML projects and find yourself comfortable enough with it, proceed onward to learning the CSS.

Learn CSS

Become familiar with the fundamentals of CSS, learn about box models, display property, and get your hand grimy with flexbox. Get started with tons of resources available. Codecademy is my preferred decision.

The best way to make yourself engaged is by doing the projects. Try recreating the version 1 of your project with the garnish of CSS.

If you get stuck at something, try hunting down the internet progressively to fix it.

Now, if you feel comfortable writing CSS, take your step forward in learning Javascript.


You can run JavaScript on the browser or outside the browser with node JS. If you are starting your journey as a front end developer, I would suggest to go with browser only option. Before you are excited to jump into a popular framework like React Js, Vue JS, or angular JS it is always a wonderful idea to make your understanding solid at Vanilla JS.

Do some DOM related projects. Recreate the project you have completed using HTML and CSS along the journey. Add some buttons to it, or maybe form. Try changing style property using Dom and tweaking some other components you like.

Extend your front end skills learning framework

Now, you have come this far its time to learn some popular front end frameworks like React, Vue JS, or angular. If you like to follow suggestions then I would like to say start with React JS. Learn concepts like hooks, state, context, API, and so on. 

Try doing some projects on React and publish it on your GitHub repository for the peace of mind.

Additional tips

Since this post is especially for those who want to work as freelancers with their front end skills, just learning the above skills is not sufficient. You should at least learn the basics of designing and make yourself comfortable using tools of Adobe Photoshop and illustration. 

If you work on real-life projects in any freelancing sites like Upwork, Freelancer, Truelancer or Fiverr, its most probable, your client will ask for the mock-up of the project before they award you the project.

So, make yourself comfortable with these designing tools or other tools of your choice.

Ultimate Stage

Now that you have enough skills under your belt it is a quality time to bid for the project. Time management is an essential skill so you must allocate proper time just for crawling through the newsfeed of freelancing websites. Get an idea about real-life projects, learn the skill required to complete most common freelance projects like portfolio website, business website, an educational website, and so on.

Make your template and mockup ready. Don’t lose hope, keep on bidding the doable project. If you lack some skills don’t worry, bid on, and take challenges. Because doing so will help in personal growth.

P.S. Be patient and don’t lose hope at any moment.

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