Renewable energy is the future of the world. Energy from renewable sources is what the world seeks. Adequate and affordable energy supplies are a must for modern industrial and future society. Electricity from a renewable source is already one of the best solutions for the future. But, not every technology we have now can be electrified. We will definitely need clean fuel from green sources. There present the Green Hydrogen. Most importantly, hydrogen is derived from renewable energy sources.

Heavy dependence on fossil fuel will certainly not solve the problem. Rather it will be a threat to security, explosions, a major source of air pollution and, the most important cause of global warming. Clearly, fossil fuel keeps the life of the public, society, environment, and ecosystem in a danger. There requires a solution source of green energy that can meet the global demand of energy with least to no impact on the environment and ecosystem. Hydrogen comes to be the leading candidate for the solution to the problem of green energy along with electricity.

Green Hydrogen

Green Hydrogen is in fact a renewable form of energy that can replace fossil fuel. A chemical process-electrolysis is used for the universal production of hydrogen. Hydrogen produced from the renewable source shall power everything from house, industries, machinery, cars, trains and other transportation means. As the electrification of all the technologies and machinery is not possible, the interest in Green Hydrogen has been increasing since the late seventies. The carbon-free green hydrogen eliminates the production of harmful emissions and proceeds towards Eco-fuel and safe environment. This can be the best alternative to replace fossil fuel in the days to come. Not a Carbon friendly fuel, and with the green energy concept, it tends to be the best fuel for days to come.

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Production of Green Hydrogen

The production of green hydrogen is not that hard. It requires an electrolyzer and a plentiful amount of electricity. Well, the electricity used for the process if is from renewable source adds more beauty towards the production reducing the impact on the environment. The electrolyzer separates the water into hydrogen and oxygen molecules. The hydrogen when used is emission-free fuel and it emits only water vapor when used. Certainly, Hydrogen can be used with natural fuels, to power hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, fuel industries, and others. The major challenge in the production of hydrogen is the large electrolyzer and sufficient supply of electricity from the renewable source at a significant price. Electrolysis of water for the production of hydrogen is an expensive approach thus creates obstacles in the generation side.

A diagrammatic of
Production of green hydrogen

Storage and Usage

For the storage of hydrogen requires pipelines that could pressurize the gas. Definitely, it is expensive to build that. As it is a highly inflammable gas, it is a tough task to store gas. Theoretically, there are lots of stuff with the use of hydrogen. From the fuel in cars and trains to powering homes and industries, hydrogen is one of the best alternative. It can also be used with natural gas and burn in the thermal power with heating plants. In modern machinery and industries, it can even replace tons of fossil fuels. Unlike fossil fuel, it won’t have an effect on climate and environment which is the major point.

Pros and cons of Green Hydrogen

There are always pros and cons with the energy source. Some of the advantages of Green Hydrogen include:

100% Sustainable

Green hydrogen doesn’t produce any harmful and poisonous gases during combustion and production. It is 100% sustainable energy source.


Hydrogen is easy to store in tanks. Furthermore, it can be used subsequently for multiple purposes after storage and even after production.


Green Hydrogen can not only be used in the form of fuel but can also be converted into electricity and synthetic gases as per the demand in fields of commerce, domestic and industry.


Hydrogen in fact can be mixed with natural gas up to 20%. If the pipe network is leakage proof, it is possible to transport with the same network.

Pros and cons are two sides of same coin. With some pros, comes some cons as well.


It is very expensive to produce green hydrogen from the renewable energy source through electrolysis. Thus, the generation cost makes it more expensive.

High Energy consumption

The production of green hydrogen requires more energy than any other fuels. Therefore, the energy consumption for production is high.

Safety Issues

Hydrogen is volatile and highly flammable. So it requires extensive safety measures from the production side to transportation and usage side.

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Present Status

Not more than 1% of the total hydrogen accounts for the production of Green Hydrogen Today. However, most of the leading counties have already developed the mindset of Green Hydrogen. Renewable energy developers are studying and searching for the future in hydrogen. Several companies are working in the same field. Besides, hydrogen vehicles are already available on the roads now.  But the EV market has caused the hydrogen to fade down from a perspective. There are roughly 7,600 hydrogen fuel-cell in the roads of the United States.

Wrap Up

Hydrogen as a fuel is already a reality in some countries like Japan, the United States, Russia, China, France, and Germany. Soon, Green Hydrogen will be the future of the fuel. Countries will have a hydrogen-based economy. Moreover, the world will be clean, and green. And it will only be possible with the help of colorless gas- Hydrogen in the near future.

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5 months ago

I feel renewable hydrogen can be great resources to fuel the world