How does Artificial Intelligence work? Everything you need to know.

Creating an Artificial Intelligence system is a critical process of reverse-engineering human characteristics and capabilities in a machine. And, using its computational powers to outperform our capacity and capabilities. Before going into the working process, let’s know about Artificial Intelligence in brief. The quick explanation of what is Artificial Intelligence is that it depends on who you are asking.

A man with soft knowledge of the technology would relate it to robots. They would tell Artificial Intelligence is a terminator, like a machine. It can act and think on its own. AI experts would assert that it’s a batch of algorithms. It can produce results without the instructions to do so at the instant moment. And they would accurately perform the task as humans do, or even better. In general, it is an intelligent entity created by humans, capable of performing task intelligently.

Realms of Artificial Intelligence

Now let’s have a peek into the process. To understand How Artificial Intelligence certainly functions, one needs to fall deep into the several sub-realms of Artificial Intelligence. You have to understand how those realms could relate to the numerous fields of the business. Some of them are:

Machine Learning:

Machine learning facilitates a machine to formulate inferences and decisions established on experience. It specifies patterns, analyses past data. Then, assume the meaning of these data points. It helps in achieving an apparent decision without giving birth to human involvement. This mechanization to reach decisions by analyzing data saves human time for businesses. Likewise, it helps them to make a better decision for great work.

Deep Learning:

Deep Learning is like a segment of machine learning. It authorizes a machine to refine inputs through layers. Then, classify, infer and predict the consequences.

Neural Networks:

Neural Networks work on parallel laws of Human Neural cells. They are a sequence of algorithms that catches the connection between several underlying variables. Then, processes the data as a human brain does to get the result.

Fun Fact: Did you know that respective parties created 90% of the world’s data in past two years. That’s crazy!

Natural Language Processing:

NLP programs a machine with the capability of reading, understanding, interpreting a language. The machine always needs a command to respond like some weak AI. And, when a machine understands what the user’s intention is, it responds accordingly to mix in the environment.

Computer Vision:

You might have seen some cool tech movies, where the image divides into parts and machine studies every part. All of those are only possible with computer vision. The design enables the machine to classify and learn from a set of images. It also stimulates a machine to make a better output decision based on previous experiences.

Cognitive Computing:

This realm enables a machine to mimic a human brain by analysing text/speech/images/objects. The algorithm operates in a way that a human does, and tries to provide the desired outcome.

Like humans, Artificial Intelligence understands and learns the way we do. We learn from the source, like textbooks, websites and many others. After that, we conserve the data we’ve read. AI does the same thing. It has a whole new internet speed. So they can do even better than humans in a more efficient way.

Weak AI

In short, weak AI refers to Artificial Intelligence built to do work on a particular task. We have to give the orders frequently. And, receive an average response. It has a limited or weak amount of knowledge for the response.

For example, assume you have created a robot and programmed it to predict the weather. Now if anyone asks about the current weather in Los Angeles, then you would receive the weather conditions of the place as a reply. But if you ask the system to do simple works like current time, then the system gets confused. You won’t get any response, or if you have set some phrases for this situation, like “Sorry, I didn’t get you.” You would get that.
In general, weak AI is mimicking thinking. It does not have the proficiency to think or make decisions on its own.

Fun fact: John Searle, the American philosopher who coined the term strong and weak AI. He agreed with the belief that machines can have such consciousness and awareness.

Strong AI

Recently, Google has created an AI robot of their own, as strong AI. It has the potential to come to conclusions about itself. Moreover, it is aware of its existence and dignity on earth. Google’s Ai bot even asserted that “the objective of living is to live forever”. This shows the conscience power of the bot. It knows humans and robots very well. I.e. humans have limited living period whereas it is immortal with intense knowledge.

For example IBM’s Watson, close enough to be the top AI. It is a supercomputer that knows everything. Likewise, it can deal with almost everything and win the circumstances. Of course, mentally it can’t help physically that’s the limitation. As they work on decisions made from the data, their decisions are 90% accurate.

Strong AI – A hypothesis:

The concept of strong AI is like a hypothesis with the potential of the discovery. Yeah! We just mentioned strong AI exists. But, it is just a prototype, doing work according to the programs created by the programmers. Till now, humans aren’t able to define intelligence. It is very difficult to give clear criteria as to what would count as a success in the development of strong AI. The human brain doesn’t only rely on the read things. We are capable of creating thoughts and manipulating them.

Though their intelligence exceeds human limits, they are just machines. We have created them with our intelligence, and we can destroy them too.But not much advanced strong AI which can create their program themselves. If a machine can think on its own, then there comes a human-compatible machine. Be careful, thinking and decision making are two different worlds. Thinking is to create on your own, whereas data lead to the decision.

The way I see it, strong AI will be the future of this society. As time goes on, I believe that humans will be able to answer all the questions we have about philosophy and life. They could be the reasons for the development as well as terror. A new entity acquiring the world, it’s hard to digest. But, if we have the controls, it’s nowhere a danger.

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