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The Most Corrupt Politicians in the World

we will have a look at the most notorious politicians in the world who have smudged the politics of their country with corruption.

Sani Abacha- Nigeria the Most-Corrupt-Politicians-in-the-World

Corruption is a blight that no country on the face of this planet can ever escape from completely. Like a plague, corrupt politicians can shake the very foundation on which a nation stands; betraying the trust of its people, stealing vital resources from the nation’s treasury, and making a joke out of rule and law.

The world is full of politicians who would do everything they need to, to fill their pockets by sucking blood from people whose sufferings they claim to eliminate. Apart from the greed and evil tendencies of humans sometimes there are circumstances like, threats to the life and reputation of their dear ones that push an average, fine individual into a corrupt politician.

In this article, we will have a look at the most notorious politicians in the world who have smudged the politics of their country with corruption.

Sani Abacha (Nigeria):

Sani-Abacha-Nigeria The-Most-Corrupt-Politicians-in-the-World-min

Sani Abacha was the military ruler of Nigeria from 1993 to 1998. Unlimited corruption and human rights abuse are the highlights of his ruling era. He stole $4 billion from the Nigerian treasury. Efforts are still going on in Nigeria to recover these stolen funds.

Vladimir Putin (Russia):

The-Most-Corrupt-Politicians-in-the-World Vladimir-Putin-Russia

Although there is no concrete evidence of the corruption of Russian President Vladimir Putin, he has been charged with corruption for years. His critics contend that he has built a giant personal fortune by stealing state funds and involvement in organized crime.

Ferdinand Marcos – Philippines:

The-Most-Corrupt-Politicians-in-the-World Ferdinand-Marcos Philippines

The President of the Philippines from 1965-1986, Ferdinand Marcos has a notorious reputation as one of the most corrupt leaders in the history of the world. He and his wife, Imelda have charges of corruption of about $5 billion and $10 billion from the nation’s treasury, all for the sake of enjoying a luxurious lifestyle while a  vast majority of Filipinos suffer in poverty.

Nawaz Sharif (Pakistan):


Nawaz Sharif corrupt politicians Modern Writes


The former Prime Minister of Pakistan has been charged with several cases of corruption during his entire political career. The biggest accusation of all was that of the Panama Paper Leaks in which his family members were revealed to own offshore companies and luxury apartments in Londo, all bought by smuggling states’ funds.

It was this case that altered the entire trajectory of his political career, causing him to be disqualified from the post of prime minister because of his inability to justify the source of his wealth.

Jacob Zuma (South Africa):

Jacob Zuma South Africa corrupt politicians modern writes


The former Prime Minister of South Africa, Jacob Zuma has faced many allegations of corruption during his regime. The most prominent scandal was that of looting state funds to build an extravagant residence for himself. Eventually, he had to resign because of consistently mounting cases of corruption and legal pressure.


The battle against corruption is a never-ending global challenge. Despite a strong number of organizations and individuals trying to hold corrupt politicians accountable for their actions, it continues to thrive.

Surrendering in front of their greed and lust for power, corrupt politicians continue to blemish their own reputation and harm the integrity of their nation. Although the politicians referred to in this article have faced charges of corruption there are no chances of conviction unless accountability institutions prove these accusations true.

Nations that aspire to lead and shine should strive to create a strong and transparent rule of law, accountability, and justice, as this is the only way forward.



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