Reality is Just an Illusion

I remember, when I was a child, people often talk about science fiction.  They used to call it the most bizarre theory ever produced in physics. No one, believed that it’s going to happen in our real, local and deterministic world. My father was a theoretical physicist at that time when I was only ten years old. It was my father who believed that the day will come when this theory will shock the world with its vast contribution in the field of everything. I was really confused what my father was talking about. One day, I asked him, “Father, what is this theory all about,” He smiled and replied, “My son, this is the quantum theory.” Again I asked him that why most people call it an unreal and deterministic theory ever produce in the history of science. He replied my son quantum theory shows the inner reality of our universe. It is the theory which is really indeterminate, nonlocal to our real world. It is quite tough for our mankind to accept the truth of quantum physics.  I was confused about what my father was trying to explain to me, but I think he might be clear with his thought.

Now after thirty-two years of his death. I suppose to think he might be somewhere else in parallel universe. His death is a probability of approx. 0.025. He might be alive in other universe where he would with us. Again new year is coming. 2051 may bring happiness to all my planetary human who live in earth. I and my mother with my family going to plan a trip. We would go to our aunt’s home who live in unverse061 planet number 064. Which is 4 light year away from our planet earth.

When I studied in college. I and my friend Laura use to discuss the Uncertainty principle and Parallel Universe. I often use to borrow scientific books from the market and really fascinate in reading those books at that time. I love to read Brian Greene’s latest books on Reality. Michio Kaku was one of the best author at that time who wrote the book PHYSICS OF IMPOSSIBLE. I doubted myself, is this really going to happen in future? I was really fascinated about parallel Universe and the quantum teleportation. Sometimes I really frustrated when I heard that quantum teleportation is not possible when we apply Uncertainty principal to it. As more accurately an object is scanned, the more it is disturbed by the scanning process, until one reaches a point. Where the object original state has been completely disrupted still without having extracted enough information to make a perfect replica. This sounds like a solid argument against quantum teleportation. But it was now possible thanks to the theoretical physicist department who gave us a new theory “Theory of Everything”.

“If it is correct, it signifies the end of physics as a science.” once Einstein said. My mother is 72 years old now. She unable to convinced herself about the alternative reality of quantum world. Once she asked me, “How much we know of the world”. I was little concerned about this idea and replied her, “My sweet mother, we can only know the probability of finding a particle in a given place, 2. The observer interacts with what is being observed. As a consequence, the determinism of classical physics is an approximation to a reality where the notion of complete knowledge seems to be an impossibility. I knew, she was confused about the ideas of objective reality. She never believed that we live in the world of probability and the game of chance. It seems difficult for her to believe what we see is not exactly it exists and what we not she is really have a probability of existence. I tried her hard to understand the realism of quantum world but she unable to convinced her about “The paradox between reality and her feeling of what reality ought to be.” Now everything changes quantum mechanics once considered the reticula’s now changes the way of looking our reality.

Now, I am a manager in hotel “Karinoo Latinos” which is on Mars. Recently, Nakolo paralyzed a citizen of outer Universe:0012. He was trying to escape from wormhole. His legs get stuck and he unable to cope. Thanks to the quantum computer for the security of our secret message from the outer universe’s. Now it’s 11:50 we have to visit our aunt’s home. My son is using “wormhole” except me, my wife, and my mother we are going through teleportation. Because my mother loves it. I can read my mother’s’s mind because I use free will power of my brain. We are getting late. Now bye, 2050.


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