Why Mars deserves to be our Second Home?

Mars – The Red Planet. Can it be our second home? It is possible to live there? It has always been a query to all. Furthermore, a number of people around the globe are thinking about it and many are working on it.  Why would it be possible for humans to live there? Knowing about Mars before this is really important.

About Mars

Mars, the fourth planet of the Solar System also known as The Red Planet is about 142 million miles from the Sun and around 49 million miles from the Earth. Besides, it orbits around the sun with a speed of around 14.5 miles per second.  

The Red Planet

Did You know?

Earth orbits around the sun at 18.5 miles per second. And still we don’t feel it. Wonder why?

With a diameter of 4220 miles, 6 Mars can fill the volume of Earth. Aa Aaa, that’s too small. Furthermore, the length of the day in Mars is about 24 hours and 37 minutes and the length of the year is 687 days.

Mars- Our Second Home?

Mars is a beautiful place indeed. Can it be a place for the survival of humans and the extension of human civilization? Why is it suitable for us to live? Can human create a colony there and broaden their civilization? There are several reasons for which Mars deserves to be our second home. Saying this means there is few chances for the existence of human civilization on the Red planet. Most Importantly, it might be possible for human to survive there.

Reasons that make Mars our Second Home


Water is a must for living. It is found that the soil of Mars contains water. The water from the soil can be extracted and used. On the other side, Scientists have also found a large watery lake beneath an ice cap there in July 2018. The water body there is similar to the underground lake found on earth. This also presents a query of did life existed there once or still exists? This creates a possibility of survival of human civilization.


Gravity is another essential thing to survive. Without gravity, it will make difficulty in living. Mars gravity is 37.5% of the gravity of Earth. In other words, one would experience 62.5% less gravity than earth. However, it is believed that the human body can adopt that variation. For a clear understanding, a Person weighing 100Kg on the Earth would weigh only 37.5 Kg.

Gravity Variation.


The energy on Mars shall be harvested from the sunlight. There is enough sunlight here for the solar panel to convert the sunlight into usable forms of energy. Thus the use of Solar panels can best meet the demand of energy there.


The temperature variation in Mars ranges from -284F to 86F (-140C- 30C). Certainly, humans can adopt the temperature at some part of the planet. The temperature in here is neither too cold nor too hot to adopt for humans.

Day-Night Pattern

The day night pattern of Mars is similar to that of Earth. Each day here is about 24 hours 39 minutes and 35 seconds.

Habitable Zone

Habitable zone is the orbital region around the star in which Earth-like planet can possess liquid water on its surface. And possibly support life. Amazingly in our solar system, Earth and Mars are the only planets to exist in this zone. Thus water can exist and the temperature is suitable for the existence of life.

Earth and Mars in the Habitable zone.
Habitable Zone


The atmosphere of Mars consist of mostly Carbon dioxide around 96%. The atmosphere is about 100 times less dense than that of Earth’s. Still, it offers protection from the cosmic and the harmful radiation of the sun. This provides a favorable chance for survival instincts.

Wind Up

Looking at the hypothetical fantasy, and the thoughts presented above, there seems be a great chance of human survival on Mars. But there remains a query, is there already any form of life existing? There are certain resources that make Mars suitable for the survival but a number of other parts of life possibility still remains. What do you think about life possibility in mars? Do comment below.

Reference: NASA

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Mausam Bhurtel
Mausam Bhurtel
3 months ago

Nice hai dost

2 months ago

You people will be soon on Mars if Elon musk’s plan to colonize Mars gets success.